Big! Wild! but healthy! Not find at the supermarket in Japan! [MeatGuy]

Looking for unique meats not found in Japan? Host hassle-free home parties like overseas? Have a love for meat ?, or want to celebrate foreign holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving? Here’s a online service delivering unavailable and safe meats 365 days a year in Japan!

Unique meats only purchasable at Meat Guy

  • If you’re health-conscious, you’ll love our popular grass-fed beef, which is also great for low-carb diets.
  • For Christmas, classic roast beef and turkey dishes.
  • Surprise your guests at your BBQs and home parties with oversized hamburgers and giant steaks!
  • Meat selection includes alligator, kangaroo, camel, ostrich, rabbit, goat, deer, and even horse meat.
  • Imported American sweets are authentic and delicious.

Healthy and safe

At Meat Guy, we offer grass-fed beef from cattle that have been raised on a diet of only pasture grass, and all of our original sausages, which are produced in-house, are also made without any additives.

Open 365 days

Unlike most online shops, operate 365 days a year, including weekends, and all orders are shipped daily, arriving as soon as within 1-2 days.

Big, wild, and healthy – with Meat Guy’s meat, you’ll feel 100% American! Whether it’s Christmas, home parties, or BBQs, our meat will definitely liven up the atmosphere.